Tips For A Newbie Blogger

blogging-tip-post-it-note-300x300Many people think about starting a blog, but most of them are daunted by the process of setting up of a blog. In reality, it is a very simple process, and you can easily have a successful blog if you keep updating it regularly with useful content. There are several platforms to choose from while considering making a blog, the most popular option is A blog is a wonderful way to expressing your thoughts with an online audience as well as sharing your knowledge about any subject that you choose. With several blogs already online about literally every topic possible, it is necessary to make our blog stand out and have a loyal fan following. Once you achieve this goal, it is possible to turn your blog into a money making machine.

Setting up a blog for the first time is not as time-consuming as most people assume, it will take you about thirty minutes at the most. There are five major steps involved in the process, and they have been outlined below to ease your entry into the magnificent world of blogging:

Choose a blog platform
WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms available online in the present world. There are several others as well like Blogger, Tumblr and so on. Unfortunately, none of them offer limitless plugins and add-ons as WordPress. It also offers countless ways to design and layout the blog. There is a huge support system available in the form of online forums to help you out in case you get stuck.

Self-Hosting or Free Alternative
Opting for a free blog means that your blog will not have its own domain name and has limits on how much content you can upload to your blog. If you choose to self-host your blog, you get to have a blog with your own domain name. You will also have upload capacity thereby dissolving the need to limit yourself while uploading any media content to your blog.

Hosted or Non-Hosted Blogging Platform
A hosting company puts up your blog up on the internet so that everyone else can view it. Basically, they are hosting your blog. It is similar to how a computer hard drive would work, except that it is made visible to the entire world. There are several hosting companies which offer hosting services along with extra facilities like a domain name and so on.

Designing the blog
You can choose a theme for the blog that will suit the content you plan to put up. If the blog is meant for professional purposes, it would be safe to go with simple and classic themes. IF your blog is meant to show a fun side of you or your company, you are free to choose accordingly. These themes are easily customizable and give you the freedom to make changes as per your wish.

Useful Resources
Being a blogger means being open to making mistakes and learning from them. There is always room for improvement even if you have been blogging for several years. It is always prudent to research and read up on common blogging mistakes and how you can boost its popularity. There are several resources available on the internet which can help you increase your blog followers thereby increasing the traffic to your blog.

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